MyMinistry targets young adults with demonstrated potential for Christian leadership in vocations within and outside the Church.

Application Deadline June 30th, 2014

As a Parish Fellow it is important to realize you are a part of the “Bigger Picture.” The Episcopal Church is constantly working around the globe and around the clock to better the world we live in. Your individual role within an Episcopal congregation is vital to the growth and positive experience of the ministries you serve!


UBE Young Adults Conference
is thrilled to announce its participation in this summer's First Annual UBE (Union of Black Episcopalians) Young Adult Conference. Parish Fellowship recruiter, Britt, will be representing both Seminary of the Southwest AND during UBE's Annual Meeting and Conference in Atlantic City, NJ. The Young Adult portion of the conference is open to ages 22-30 and will be held on June 30 - July 1, 2014.



I am still at a loss of words about all of this, and I think I will be for awhile.
It’s weird to come back to life, and the “norm”. My heart is still in Africa. I lived years in those 12 days – what I experienced was holy.

For a recent college graduate unsure about my vocational direction, I could not have found a finer program to involve myself with.
I have many other fond memories, but the most enduring were the friendships and truth that spoke into my great need -- to submit my life to the Lord of life.


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